About Kimblade

Development of Kimblade

  • Innovation of the Wiper that Hasn’t Changed for 100 Years
    Innovation of the Wiper that Hasn’t Changed for 100 Years
    With the aim of improving outdated wiper blades, we have developed and tested a four-bar-link-structured blade that overcomes structural limits of existing blades, resulting in securing patents at home and abroad.

    Ranked 1st in the wiper section of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, both of which are American crowdfunding sites, we are proud to say that our wiper products are being well-received by people around the world and supporters from Wadiz in terms of product and commercial values. We have been working hard to let people around the world know about Korea’s outstanding products.
  • World-Renowned Reliable Technology
    World-Renowned Reliable Technology
    The most important part of a car wiper is the blade that is in contact with the glass. The performance of the existing wiper blades hasn’t improved over the years due to use of the same shapes and designs.

    Kimblade has continued to work hard to secure clear vision for drivers and protect the safety for passengers under any circumstances by improving product quality through constant R&D and technical innovation of the wiper blade that has never been changed over 100 years.
  • Completed High-Quality Product
    Completed High-Quality Product
    We carried out research for a long time before launching the product. Based on outstanding technology and endeavors of all Kimblade employees, we have produced and tested a considerable number of trial products to produce the best wiper.

    By precisely manufacturing wiper’s silicon blades through our own automated factory facilities and strictly selecting and importing highly performing and beautiful frames, we were able to make the blade optimized and economical as it can be installed in any Vehicles and can be changed with ease

History of Kimblade

  • 2020.03

    Launched the 2nd Korean Crowdfunding Wadiz


  • 2019.11

    Launched the 1st Korean Crowdfunding Wadiz


  • 2019.08

    Launched Japanese Crowdfunding Makuake


  • 2019.02

    Launched U.S. Crowdfunding Indiegogo


  • 2018.09

    Launched U.S. Crowdfunding Kickstarter


  • 2018.01

    Filed Test for One Year


  • 2017.01

    Developed a Prototype


  • 2015.01.05

    Established Kimblade