What is the difference between hydrophilic property and water repellency?

While hydrophilic property is something that gets the glass wet by spreading out water drops on it, water repellency is something that gathers water drops like a lotus leaf by preventing the glass from getting water drops dispersed on it. As such, even if the glass surface with hydrophilic substances applied has a clear and vivid view when the wiper operates, the view gets distorted − as rain drops refract light when they gather on the glass again. Furthermore, an oil film is formed due to many oil substances on roads, making the glass partially wet and appear dirty.

Meanwhile, the glass with water repellent coating applied doesn’t gather water drops on it, making it look frosted due to tiny water drops right after the glass is wiped. Even so, raindrops falling afterwards do not blur view that much, securing a safe view even when the wiper operates slowly in heavy rain. In addition, it helps keep the glass clean by eliminating an oil film that could be created while driving.

Are there any precautious to take note of?

As it is a functional wiper made out of 100% silicon, please keep in mind the following if you wish to enjoy optimum performance.

Be careful not to drop the wiper arm when replacing it as the fall may crack the windscreen.
Wear gloves when replacing the wiper to prevent injuries.
Use soft cloth to remove any hardened foreign substances such as a sticker, resin, bird excreta, or sharp frosts, instead of using the wiper. Such an action may scratch the silicon blade, causing it to have stripes.
Do not apply water repellent coating substances (wax, water repellent coating washer fluids and others), chemicals, films, etc. Such an action may cause noise or rattling sounds of the wiper.
Clear off dust or sand granules accumulated upon the blade with wet tissues or soft cloth when noticing that the wiping performance gets considerably weakened. If such an action does not have any considerable effect, operate the wiper to apply automatic water repellent coating substances.

Does one have to remove an oil film before operating the wiper?

No, it is not necessary. If water repellent substances or wax products are not applied onto the glass, you are able to keep the glass clean only by using the wiper without removing any oil film. However, it is still recommended to get rid of any oil film before first using the wiper to ensure maximum performance.

How does one replace the refill?

You can check how to replace the refill from “How to Install” on the website menu.

Can one purchase a rear wiper as well?

We are planning to develop a real wiper as many from home and abroad are asking the same question. We are expecting that we could introduce the item through Wadiz or other platforms as early as mid-2020.

Can one purchase additional refill blades?

We are planning to sell refill blades that can be used for the product (KB9P) funded from Wadiz at Nave Smart Store. You are able to purchase refill blades and replace them if the blade is damaged or if you’d like other color blades.

Please keep in mind that they are not compatible with the wiper (KB8U) on sale via Smart Store.

How does one check the wiper size and adapter specifications for the car?

Click and go to “Wiper Finder” on the upper side of the website to search your car. You may refer to the year and model name stated on the car registration.