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We can't remember the inconvenience of driving in the rain on a clear day.
How long will you regret not changing the wipers when driving in the rain?
Get out of the wiper replacement stress.



















No need to get a water-repellent coating for your windshield anymore! KIMBLADE wipers act as the water-repellent coating. 





Muddy water bucket test




































  • 1. To improve the material durability, we applied the CNT (carbon nanotube) material after conducting extensive R&D.
  • 2. We learned that glass is another important component that determines the performance of a wiper, besides the wiper, and all kinds of external contamination and usage of the wrong glass cleaning agent can reduce the performance and life of a wiper. We have developed a cleaner and treatment for windshield jointly with the national research institute. This windshield cleaning agent helps maintain consistent glass surface conditions for longer use and smoother operation of a wiper.
  • 3. To address the issue of incorrect size and delivery problem, we have established a wiper finder which helps customers to identify what wipers they need. By signing a contract with FedEx, we are now able to ensure safe and fast delivery anywhere in the world.




Products will be shipped to the backers all at once within one month after funding is finished. Shipping will be completed within 3 to 5 days when Fedex takes the package from KIMBLADE.











We use a Rectangular blade (4-bar linkage structure) that produces a smooth and spotless window surface.




















There are various merits if a car wiper blade is made out of silicon materials. One thing for sure is that you can check soft movement and the other one is that water repellent coating can be constantly applied onto the glass.

Highly stable and strong special silicone prevents deformation and corrosion even when exposed to outdoor conditions for a long time.






We have applied customized materials in two parts – one is where smooth movement is needed, and another is where it is in direct contact with the water-repellent coated glass. 

Wiper blades have a complex structure with each component serving its own function. The upper part of the wiper blade is made of flexible and durable material that securely holds the wiper blade and allows it to be used for a long time without tearing. KIMBLADE’s core technology, CNT-reinforced special silicone, is used at the tip of the blade, which touches the glass directly and wipes rain and water off the glass. The specially reinforced silicone minimizes tearing from foreign substances, works smoothly on the glass, and forms a coating film on the glass surface.




Silicone is considered safe for use in high-temperature applications, so it can withstand high fluctuations in temperature when rubber cannot. 








The existing rubber wiper is relatively vulnerable to strong sunlight, freezing weather, ultraviolet rays, and ozone, resulting in an increase of deformation and corrosion as time goes by. Kimblade wiper is made out of special double-layered silicon and is very stable regarding deformation and corrosion even when exposed to various environmental circumstances, enabling a user to experience reliability and convenience.








Carbon takes on many different forms (diamond, charcoal, pencil lead, graphene, etc.), depending on the atomic arrangement. CNT is the next-generation material that has a tube-shaped atomic arrangement and has high strength, as well as thermal and electrical conductivity. Like reinforcing bars in concrete, CNT can be added to silicone as a reinforcing material to make CNT-silicon a composite material. This composite material was used to make the wiper blade so as to improve durability and increase mechanical strength while maintaining elasticity. Typical wiper blades are generally made of a single material, they do not have the ability to be strong and flexible at the same time. However, KIMBLADE uses different materials for different parts. Compared to the upper part that requires mechanical properties, the lower part requires smooth movement over glass and water repellency. By applying different materials, KIMBLADE is able to have excellent mechanical properties and functions as a special purpose wiper.








Quickly and effectively wipes away! One wipe instantly cleans and dries!




Even when your wiper does not work, you can drive safely if you have a clear view. 





If raindrops can flow down instead of remaining on the glass, refraction of light is minimized and the view distortion is reduced.





The water-repellent and other special substances applied to the silicone blade make KIMBLADE wiper act like water-repellent coating of the windshield, and help clear the view even during pouring rain.






KIMBLADE Wiper – specially made with water-repellent substances

Made with water-repellent substances, KIMBLADE wiper transfers water-repellent coating from the wiper squeegee to the windshield. When your wipers aren’t working well, first remove dust and wipe off all the water from the windshield. Next, turn on the wipers and operate for three minutes so the water-repellent coating is applied again. (Before wiping the dry glass, all foreign substances on the glass and dust on the wiper blade should be removed to protect the glass and the wiper.)














Existing wiper blades along with the plastic frame need to be replaced at the end of its lifespan.




KIMBLADE wiper frame does not need to be replaced. If the blade is accidentally torn by sharp material, etc., Kimblade can replace only the blade insert without the need for complete wiper replacement. The blade inserts are made from 100% silicone, which can be switched out and recycled. This makes KIMBLADE not only economical but also environmentally friendly.





The wiper frame is also sturdy and flexible, allowing it to adhere closely to the curved windshield for more effective wiping.









From the first round of feedback, we learned that the windshield surface condition is directly related to the performance and durability of a wiper. Thus, we conducted extensive research and tests to come up with a solution.

Here are some of our findings that you might not have been aware of.

Problems like vibration, noise, or blurring that are considered as problems of the wiper, are greatly affected by the condition of the windshield. Whether or not you regularly maintain and care for your windshield and the kind of cleaning agent used can affect a wiper’s lifespan. To this end, we have conducted a thorough R&D and came up with a cleaning solution made specifically for windshields. We greatly appreciate all the feedback from the Backers.















Windshields are different from other glasses because they protect the drivers from automobile exhaust gases, fine dust generated during driving, engine oil dropped on the ground, insects, etc. Most people clean their windshield as if they would clean glass with a regular glass cleaner. This may seem okay at first, but the unremoved contaminants adsorbed in the glass can obstruct the view on rainy days and interfere with the wiper operation. Also, waxes or coatings applied to windshields can present serious problems with the wiper operation.








Unlike other glass surfaces of automobiles, a windshield is a surface that protects the driver from various contaminants and is in contact with the rubber part of the wiper. The smooth operation of the wiper depends on its compatibility with the coating agent applied to the glass surface. A typically used glass coating agent is not generally compatible with the wiper, and it may lower a wiper’s performance and create noise. You may end up in an unfavorable situation if the wiper does not work when it ought to.










Ceramic in Nano Cleaner helps remove contaminants from the tiniest cracks in the glass that are not visible to the human eye. The graphene in the Nano Treatment makes the glass more transparent and coats fine cracks from which contaminants are removed.











KIMBLADE Cleaner can remove tough tars, grease stains, and excess or unwanted wax from the windshield. We compared how well a regular cleaner and KIMBLADE Nano Cleaner cleaned oil from a glass surface by spraying water to a surface that had been cleaned with the two products. We noticed that the regular glass cleaner did not remove oil completely and there were water droplets on the surface. On the contrary, KIMBLADE Nano Cleaner removed oil completely and did not leave any water droplets. Do you see how well KIMBLADE Nano Cleaner works?








 Remove contaminants with KIMBLADE Nano Cleaner, then apply Nano Treatment to the clean surface to protect and make the surface water-repellant.






KIMBLADE Nano Cleaner & Treatment in a pouch allows you to care for and maintain your windshield like a pro.







Can you imagine driving without wipers on rainy days?

Typical water-repellent coatings are not naturally compatible with wipers and can cause noise or ineffective wiping. KIMBLADE Nano Cleaner Bundle is made with the consideration of the compatibility between the wiper and the coating material, so, not only does the wiper move more smoothly, but it also lasts longer.




























A general wiper gradually removed the water-repellent coating as it wiped the windshield. However, the KIMBLADE wiper did not remove the water-repellent coating. Since KIMBLADE Nano Healing Bundle helps maintain the water-repellent coating and provides professional care, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of your wiper anymore. 







It is difficult to find a company that cares about increasing the life span of a wiper, as well as the condition of the windshield. Our developers communicated with Backers and users to identify actual problems and as a result, they successfully developed a wiper blade with superior quality and functionality.






























We have established a wiper blade finder system, which will allow you to identify the necessary information and specs about the vehicle.



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