About us


Development and sales of wiper blades based on specially designed silicone rubber.

KIMBLADE is a company founded on January 5, 2015 to develop stagnant automotive wiper blades for decades. Until now, the rubber of the wiper blades has not been developed due to the same shape and design. KIMBLADE has succeeded in developing innovative wiper blades rubber. We will be a trustworthy company that guarantees the safety and satisfaction of our customers based on the technology of the only wiper blades in the world.

2017 Pittsburgh Invention Exhibition gold medal Awards(2017 INPEX jury awards)
-Safety & Security / Personal, Cleaning Products & Equipment.

Global patents

Our best skills

  • Wiping performance99%
  • Water repellency99%
  • Durability99%
  • Environmental resistance99%


  • 2015.01.05Established KIMBLADE

  • 2017.01Developing of Prototype

  • 2018.01Field Test 1 year (4 seasons)

  • 2018.09“KICKSTARTER” launching!